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What Is A Switch In Networking?

A network switch (or switch) is a network device that performs inactivity bridging (segmentation links) of many networks with transfers based on MAC addresses). Network switches can be used as a computer connector or router in a

What Is A Router and What Does It Do?

A router is a device that sends data packets over a network or the Internet to its destination, through a process known as routing. The routing process occurs on layer 3 (Network layer such as Internet Protocol)

Modem VS Router : The Differences You Should Know

Modem VS Router – Most people not really understand the differences between modem and router as they both provide internet access to the users, let see what are the differences. Modem Modems are derived from the abbreviation

What Is The Best WIFI Router To Buy? A.k.a. How To Spot A Good Router

“What Is The Best WIFI Router To Buy?” is a simple question but the answer will be different from a reviewer to another as they test the router in a different environment with different devices. Before you

WIFI Is Not Working, Steps To Resolve The Problem

WIFI not working – WIFI has now become very important then they were several years ago. Many devices now only have a wireless connection no cable connection. When there is a problem with the WIFI it becomes

What Is VPN Used For?

Virtual private network (English: virtual private network) is a private network that uses public network media to connect securely between remote sites. Virtual private networks provide the ability for users to send and receive data along with

What Is My IPv4 Address, How To Find Out?

IPv4 is the address that you want to know as it becomes your device ID. Although IPv6 is existed and used everywhere IPv4 is still the most popular because IPv4 is easier to remember than the long

What Is A Wireless Router?

A wireless router is a device that acts as a router and an access point, the most common usage of this device is to provides internet access or access to a computer network. If you are using