What Is VPN Used For?

Virtual private network (English: virtual private network) is a private network that uses public network media to connect securely between remote sites. Virtual private networks provide the ability for users to send and receive data along with a public or shared network as if the user’s computer is connected in a private network. Applications that communicate via “virtual private networks” can take advantage of the functions, security, and management of private networks.

VPN Benefits

When using VPN your real IP address is concealed, IP address is your address and identity on the Internet. In other words, your ID is protected.

Using a VPN will eliminate data-stealing when you are using public networks by encrypting data sent from your computer to the server.

Using a VPN will bypass the browsing restriction set by your administrator.

VPN Disadvantage

Some applications will refuse to operate when you are using VPN, as the VPN IP address is usually coming from other countries the system will suspicious, it detects that 5 or 10 minutes ago you are still using a UK IP address, now you are using Singapore’s IP address.

The connection will slower as your connection to the VPN be encrypted.

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