WIFI Is Not Working, Steps To Resolve The Problem

WIFI not working – WIFI has now become very important then they were several years ago. Many devices now only have a wireless connection no cable connection.

When there is a problem with the WIFI it becomes a big problem because the device cannot be connected to the internet, which means it not connected to the outside world.

Resolving WIFI Not Working On A Computer:

Ask whether your friend in the same room experience the same problem? If they do then most likely the problem is with your router or the Internet provider.

If possible, restart the router, the easiest way is to unplug the power cable and plug again after about 2 minutes. Wait about 5 minutes after you plug the Router’s cable back. Some routers will need some time to restart the system.

Take a break, go get your coffee and try again after 5-10 minutes to check if the Internet now back online.

If it still not working, let your administrator know about the situation, so he can start troubleshooting the connection problem. Which likely the problem with the ISP and he must call them to resolve the problem.

If only you experience the problem, then turn off the WIFI from your computer. Turn back on after 1 minute.

If the problem still exists, try to restart your computer. Restarting the computer will likely resolve the WIFI connection problem.

If it still not working, then try to check your wireless network card if it is accidentally disabled. Try to re-enable and try again.

A desktop computer usually comes with the wired ethernet card, if possible try to connect with it. If the connection works using the cable, then most likely your wireless card configuration is the problem. Ask IT support for help.

WIFI connection problem with mobile devices

If the WIFI problem is with your smartphones or tab the first thing you want to check is with the WIFI icon. It is not uncommon that the icon accidentally turns grey because unintentionally touched. Even when you put into pocket somehow the WIFI icon can turn off by itself because of the friction.

The other way to resolve this is by restart the phone. If after restarting still not connected then it likely problem with the router that the device connected to.

Same with the PC, try to restart the router and wait up to 5 minutes. If it still not working check the indicator lamp of the router make sure all required lamps are on. If it still not work you should check with the administrator/IT support because it will need further check.

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